World's Tallest Building to Be Built in 90 Days

World's Tallest Building to Be Built in 90 Days

A new skyscraper is in the works that will soon be the world’s tallest building. While the current tallest building in the world took five years to complete, the new skyscraper is aiming to be complete in just 90 days. Sky City One is also expected to reach new heights at 2,750 feet.

Veritcal Arts

The secret to being able to construct the building so fast is  proprietary prefabrication technique, which means putting the skyscraper together in modular form before work even commences on site. Sky City One is also expected to be an astonishing 220 stories and will cost approximately $628 million just to construct.

The building is expected to be done by January 2013 and will also be mixed use, with luxury apartments, low income housing, and space for businesses and retail, according to the company. In addition to having different spaces for different uses, the building will also be earthquake-resistant.

We can’t wait to see what the future has in store for Sky City One. If you are feeling some inspiration from Sky City One and want to bring it into your next project, contact Vertical Arts for more information on architecture in Steamboat Springs.

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