Vertical Arts Uses 3D Modeling in Architecture Design

Vertical Arts Uses 3D Modeling in Architecture Design

It is our belief that we provide our clients and contractors with every design tool possible. Building information modeling is the latest technique architects are using to communicate their designs in 3D form, offering not only a more realistic view of a project, but also speeding design productivity and improving collaboration. Because of this technology, Vertical Arts is able to show our clients panoramic, high definition videos of our designs such as the ones we have taken of our office in Steamboat Springs, Col.

Besides the superior image quality and full-screen viewing capability, our virtual project tours are interactive, allowing users to zoom in and zoom out and navigate at their own speed. What’s more, these virtual tours are viewable on the device of your choice, be it a desktop computer, laptop, tablet, iPad, or iPhone.

Three-dimensional virtual tours of projects are just one way we communicate our designs. We also present hand renderings and hard-line detailing to fully convey each project. Contact Vertical Arts today to learn more about our 3D virtual tours.

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