Vertical Arts Helps Design Stunning Cloverdale Restaurant

Vertical Arts Helps Design Stunning Cloverdale Restaurant

When Cloverdale Restaurant owner and chef Patrick Ayres approached Vertical Arts about tackling the design of his first-of-its-kind restaurant, he had a few concepts in mind, but needed help to bring his vision to life.

Cloverdale Restaurant — Steamboat’s newest fine-dining establishment — brings a distinct dining experience to Steamboat by offering a local, farm-to-restaurant approach that features an ever-changing 10- to 14-course menu. The Cloverdale Restaurant Farm (just outside of town, off Colorado Highway 131) provides the restaurant with fruit, vegetables, flowers, herbs, honey, eggs and goats (for milk and meat). This unique approach and connection to the farm gave Vertical Arts great inspiration through the colors and textures found on the farm.

Originally built 99 years ago by celebrated local builder Art Gumprecht, the new restaurant’s historic residence at Ninth and Oak streets in Steamboat’s old town neighborhood features river rock stone around the exterior and craftsman detailing — including exposed rafter tails, intricate trim and crown molding. Integrating these historic features was crucial to creating a design that related to its context while still being modern and welcoming.

At Vertical Arts, we really throw ourselves in to understanding every aspect of the client and the relationship. The whole design process revolved around understanding Ayres and his team. During the process, we were forced to take a lot of time aligning new elements with existing windows and shelving in the historic house to create a coherent and well-planned design. Many of the modern design elements, including the chandelier, coffered ceilings and brass curtain rods that separate the dining area from the bar, define space within the room while still relating to the original structure of the house.

When guests enter the restaurant, vintage pieces such as antique bathtub claw feet on the host stand and an original leaded, stained-glass window that offers guests a glimpse into the kitchen immediately attract attention.

Guests are then drawn through the bar area which features a custom solid oak bar designed and fabricated by Stel House & Home. The bar’s show-stoppers are the steel liquor shelves that sit in front of the homes original windows. The shelving carefully aligns with the window’s muntin bars which allows sunlight to filter in behind the liquor bottles, creating a special glow. The bar also features molding with traditional appeal, while still tying in to the rustic-farmhouse appeal.  Adding to this, the design elicits a farmhouse vibe with the rustic wood ceiling and oversize glass pendants.

Stēl House & Home also fabricated majority of the furniture for the dining room space, including custom banquette seating, all of the dining tables, and a feature round table made from an old church pew. The modern chairs and brass lighting give the space an eclectic, yet refined feeling.

The design is carried through into the restrooms which feature white marble tile and crown molding. The upstairs private dining space features bold blue molding, damask wallpaper and a gorgeous crystal chandelier. It is truly a space for many special dinners to come.

“All along, I was trying to keep the feel of the house and its characteristics,” said Ayres. “I wanted the space to have a classical, but comfortable elegance and I wanted every element to be both well-made and beautiful. I wanted it to feel like a home, but a really nice home.”

Since Vertical Arts designs a wide variety of styles according to each particular clients’ preferences, we pride ourselves in learning from our clients and crafting personalized styles that fit their needs. The Cloverdale Restaurant project allowed us to carry Ayres’ vision throughout the entire process of design — from fabrication to selection of pieces that all coordinated together in the original vision — and his vision allows customers to enjoy a beautifully designed and well-thought-out space.

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