Vertical Arts' Elkins Meadow's Project

Vertical Arts' Elkins Meadow's Project

Elkins Meadow, originally homesteaded in 1891, is a well-known landmark in Steamboat Springs and we were excited for the opportunity to build a home on this remarkable piece of land. With only 20 available home sites, it was important for us to preserve and play up on the breathtaking views that surround the area. We wanted the design to blend in with the beautiful setting. Elkins Meadow is a “ unique setting within Steamboat Springs: an intimate valley nestled between Sanctuary Ridge and Elkins Ridge, dramatic views of soaring mountains to the east and long views to the Yampa Valley to the west. The meadow is a transitional habitat for elk, and the wetlands of Little Fish Creek support a variety of riparian wildlife species.”

Below are the beginning stages of the design process. Here we created a floor plan for the home, which encompasses around 6,972 square feet.


Here is a rendering of the home.


Check back later in the week to see the finished project.

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