Using Texture in Your Home Design

Using Texture in Your Home Design

Last week we mentioned the importance of details when creating a memorable space in your home. This week we wanted to continue along the same line and talk about another design element that is equally important… adding texture to your home.

Imagine a space where everything is shiny? What would be the appeal? Adding texture to a room’s décor is often overlooked and neglected…but oh so important. Texture adds a subtle, yet powerful dimension to any interior and is responsible for keeping the space memorable and interesting. When discussing texture, we often refer to how an object feels, but it goes way beyond the tactile connotation because it also refers to the dimensional properties of the space: Rough vs. Polished. Shiny vs. Matte. Woven vs. Smooth. Playing with texture in a space takes practice and finesse; but when done correctly, it adds dimension because the room starts to literally conjure up feelings. With the addition of texture, a space is no longer confined to visual elements such as line and color… you can actually determine the way a room “feels” to your visitors. Have you ever wondered why a stark, contemporary space has the ability to create a feeling of coziness and warmth—most likely, it is the use of textures and the room’s subtle yet varying dimensions that generate this feeling. Place a cashmere throw on a leather chair and notice how the chair begins to feel cozier and seems more comfortable. The use of a soft, supple texture against the smooth leather creates a sense of warmth and natural appeal.

One of the basic principles of using texture in décor has to do with weight. Rough course textures have a tendency to make objects feel heavier and larger. Smooth textures often feel lighter and smaller in scale. When placing an object in a room which reflects light, I try to balance it with a heavier, matte object. This is because objects that reflect light feel lighter. It is then possible to create drama in a room using large and small items, simply by changing their texture. Want a room to vibrate with visual electricity? Add texture and shake it up…

Notice how the textural wood panel adds dimension to the smooth white wall and the smooth wood floor. This art piece adds a sense of warmth and needed style to this hallway.

A Flocati shag area rug adds a heavy, warm texture to this mountain modern décor. Birch branches also influence the room’s inherent drama because of their rough texture.

The natural texture of this rock wall is contrasted with the roughhewn logs and the smooth wood floor. The combination of textures creates a powerful, organic, yet peaceful environment…plus, this designer added the dimension of sound with the allure of water trickling down the rocks.

Article By: Linda Nielsen, who heads the interior design team at Studio Vertical Arts.

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