Turning A Unique Dream Into A Reality

Turning A Unique Dream Into A Reality

Vertical Arts Architecture recently began a remodel project for a longtime collaborator and recent client, Josh Mabe of Twenty1Five. Twenty1Five creates sustainable designs from reclaimed wood and we have worked with Josh on creating some custom pieces for us in the past.

Twenty1Five searches for rustic barns, fences and unique lumber as the medium for their hand-crafted furniture and home or commercial installations. Working with Josh and the Twenty1Five team is an honor, as they share our passion for quality, design and customer care.

As Josh is creative and a wood worker at heart, he was willing to take some risks on the design of his workshop. We had to incorporate elements of his eclectic style into the façade and form of the remodel — featuring an upgraded permanent workshop as well as additional living quarters in his Palmer Lake residence.

We planned the entire renovation so that when it’s completed, the property will feel whole.  However, the workshop remodel was first on our list. The home will eventually be renovated to include a new great room, kitchen and master bedroom layout, two bedrooms downstairs and a bridge that will connect the residence to the workshop.

The unique, eye-catching design features an eclectic mix of sidings, angles and forms that make this project stand out. We assisted in creating the patchwork sections that would blend and harmonize with the overall building aesthetic, Josh then added his own touch by creating specialty patchwork wood sections. The large overhead garage doors allow the workshop to open up during nice days and facilitate moving furniture pieces Josh is constructing.

More than just a simple remodel, the Twenty1Five Shop and home addition tells the Twenty1Five story and turns Josh’s unique dream into a reality.

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