Turn Out The Lights With Vertical Arts

Turn Out The Lights With Vertical Arts

Vertical Arts not only creates  beautiful, mountain contemporary design, but also focuses on ensuring that our designs are sustainable and environmentally friendly. Our designs are made to be energy efficient so that they put little strain on the environment, and we help with LEED certification, ensuring green building becomes more widespread.

Saturday, March 26th, hosts Earth Hour, an initiative that has grown out of a grassroots campaign to help the environment and environmental awareness. Earth Hour reflects many of the same goals as Vertical Arts, by helping to make people aware of the power we have to put less strain on the environment. Between 8:30 and 9:30 PM, people across the globe will turn off the lights. Many major cities, from London and New York to Dubai and Sydney participate, cutting off the lights at various monuments, from the pyramids in Egypt to the Eiffel Tower in France.

Earth Hour logo

Cut off your lights for a mere 60 minutes on Saturday to show your efforts to help the environment and reduce energy consumption. This year’s Earth Hour is all about going beyond the hour, so if you’d like to consider building a greener space or working towards greener design in your existing home or business, call Vertical Arts to find out about our services.

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