Top Kitchen Design Trends of 2017

Top Kitchen Design Trends of 2017

Mixing of elements

Opposed to keeping all materials the same, we are now seeing the mixing of elements such as colors, finishes and materials. Bringing metal and wood into the casework, or lacquer and wood can really liven up a space and allow for multiple different moods. We also encourage our clients to add some colors into the space…don’t be afraid of the pop, it can really bring your kitchen to the next level! 

Big + Bold

Using large light fixtures can really give the space a different look. Although dainty light fixtures above the island haven’t completely left the mix, we are starting to see less and less of them. These large pendants can make a grand statement and can easily modernize the look of any kitchen.


We are starting to see more and more texture in kitchen design, and we love it! Although the casework is sleeker, the tile finishes are becoming more intriguing. Our favorite are backsplashes with wave movements in them. These fixed finishes create focal points within the kitchen that allow the eye to wonder around the whole space. 

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