Top 10 Green Building Products

Top 10 Green Building Products

The foundation of green building lies in the materials and techniques that work together to reduce carbon emissions and benefit our planet. Architectural Record provides a list of some of the top 10 green building products that help accomplish this goal. Check out their selections for the top green building products:

  1. 100% recycled cellular glass “FoamGlas” insulation by Pittsburgh Corning
  2. FSC certified furniture by Knoll, Inc.
  3. halogen-replacing Xicato Spot Module by Xicato, Inc.
  4. Low-Smoke Zero-Halogen EZ-Wiring & EZ-Cabling Systems by Electec, Ltd.
  5. OBPlus Wall System by Bensonwood

  6. Ornilux Bird-Safe Glazing by Arnold Glas
  7. NyloDeck Composite Decking by Nyloboard, LLC
  8. Stealth Toilet by Niagara Conservation Corp.
  9. ECM “Smart” Pump by Wilo
  10. Heat Recovery Unit for Commercial Kitchens by Halton Group

With so many green building products on the market now, it is easy to design an eco-friendly home. Contact Vertical Arts in Steamboat Springs to design your eco-friendly retreat.

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