Titantic's James Cameron Going Vertical

Titantic's James Cameron Going Vertical

Known for his creative and out-of-the-box approach to films,  James Cameron takes his imagination into the deepest part of the ocean. It was Cameron’s 1989 film, “The Abyss”, which sparked the director’s appreciation of the deep sea. And his time filming “Titanic”, which is being re-released in 3D next month, just added to his fascination. Now, Cameron has announced plans to journey to the deepest part of the ocean, Challenger Deep, to discover what lies beneath.

James will ride solo on his next mission, taking his own creation, a vertical torpedo submersible, into the “planet’s deepest recess.” According to the New York Times, “The deep sea is much harder to explore than outer space. Far from the sun’s warming rays, the inky darkness miles down hovers at temperatures near freezing. Seawater is also corrosive, often full of debris and largely opaque to light and radio waves.”

Only one other manned craft has made the voyage, the Trieste in 1960. Cameron will go further with his craft, setting a record in the process, going nearly seven miles down into the waters of the western Pacific.

Dr. Girguis, a Harvard oceanographer, said in an interview, “Eighty percent of our biosphere is the deep ocean..The time is right to push the envelope — not only with respect to technology but our understanding.”

At Vertical Arts we are always looking for new ways to take go vertical. We applaud Cameron’s ability to explore uncharted waters.

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