This Winter, Warm Up Your Home With Winter Decor Part 2

This Winter, Warm Up Your Home With Winter Decor Part 2

The weather outside is turning frightful. Below are more tips to warm up your home this winter to keep it as inviting as ever.

When the months are warm, you can use bamboo or linen shades and breezy curtains for your window treatments. However, when the weather turns cooler, you will want to switch this up by simply adding insulated panels to your bamboo or linen shades. This is also another excellent area to add in color.

In your dining room, instead of opting for a bare table or a typical linen table cloth, switch it out with blankets. Drape one long blanket so it falls to the floor and add another shorter one over the top. This will ensure warmth around the dinner table comes with more than just soup.

In the bedroom, make sure you are warm while you sleep by swapping out summer bedding. Remove the summer quilt and bring out the down comforter. This is another opportunity to refresh a tired decor while at the same time, staying warm.

No one wants to walk on cold floors after coming in from the cold. Layering area rugs will add extra cushioning and warmth. Plus, it is an easy way to add color and texture to your floors. There is no rule here, in design it is always fun to break the rules, just make sure the bottom rug sticks out from the top.

By incorporating the design elements in our Winter Decor blog series into your home this winter, you are sure to make your home a warm and inviting place that everyone will want to gather at.

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