This Winter, Warm Up Your Home With Winter Decor Part 1

This Winter, Warm Up Your Home With Winter Decor Part 1

The weather outside is turning frightful. Make sure to warm up your home this winter to keep it as inviting as ever.

In your family room, turn the focus to the fireplace. This will be a gathering place for everyone and the heart of the home this winter. Bring your focus inward by rearranging your furniture to face the fireplace. This will create a warm and cozy gathering spot. Adding plush throws, and a handwoven, organic cotton or wool throw will bring subtle warmth and texture to even the sleekest sofa and will be sure to add warmth regardless of the roaring fire.

If space allows, add seating under a window. This will allow for prime leaf and snow falling views, is an excellent place to plop down and read a good book, and a cozy place to take a Sunday nap. As with your living room, layer in extra throw pillows and blankets with playful patterns and bold hues.

Let the outdoors be your decoration inspiration. Incorporating a new winter pattern or a warm color of the season such as red, orange or yellow will help to emit a natural warmth. These can also be used long into spring and summer.

As the months get cooler and the days get shorter, embrace the early nightfall by lighting scented candles. The ambiance and warm smells of the season will fill your home, relaxing you, adding light and relieving the winter blues. You will also want to maximize on natural light by hanging a large mirror to reflect light. This can go on a wall or above the fireplace, again, helping it to become the focal point of your home.

This is just the beggining of what you can do to warm your home up with design elements this winter. Stay tuned for even more advice on how to make your home an inviting place that everyone will want to gather at.

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