The Shelf Hotel in China Pushes the Envelope

The Shelf Hotel in China Pushes the Envelope

We love drawing inspiration from new and unique projects across the globe, which is exactly why the Shelf Hotel in Xian, China caught our attention. This amazing project uses the idea of a skyscraper in such an original and unique way, it definitely pushes the design envelope.

Veritcal Arts

The Shelf Hotel got its name from the decision to put many smaller buildings on a gigantic set of shelves. This new skyscraper will have hotel suites as well as apartment units and office space towards the top. In addition, “this project is intended to be the the first contemporary building in the contemporary Xian; want to be an architecture in open dialogue with the rest of the world in a multicultural international architectural language and at the same time strongly attached to the Xian and Chinese traditions. One main purpose of this design is to follow the needs of different inhabitant without loosing the power of a strong landmark building in the cityscape.”

If you are interested in bringing the efforts of the Shelf Hotel into your own life, Vertical Arts can help. Contact us today for all things contemporary architecture in Steamboat Springs. 

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