The Secret is Out, Sticky Rice=Super Strong Buildings

The Secret is Out, Sticky Rice=Super Strong Buildings

Scientists recently discovered that sticky rice  is the key to the durability of Chinese architecture. states that, “Around 1,500 years ago, the Chinese started adding sticky rice soup to their traditional lime mortar mixture, which dramatically increased the strength of the mortar. Important buildings like tombs, pagodas, and city walls were constructed using this composite mixture, and some of the buildings are still standing today even after earthquakes.

The results showed that the organic-inorganic compound was made possible by amylopectin, a type of polysaccharide, or complex carbohydrate, found in rice and other starchy foods. The amylopectin combines with the inorganic calcium carbonate from the lime to form a mortar that has more stable physical properties, greater mechanical strength, and is more compatible than normal lime mortar. After their tests on various mortar recipes, the scientists determined that the sticky rice mortar is the most suitable mortar for restoration of ancient buildings, which means its probably also appropriate for new construction as well.”

Can we get a side of rice with our building please?

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