The Kitchen: Not Just a Place to Cook and the Importance of Good Design

The Kitchen: Not Just a Place to Cook and the Importance of Good Design

Kitchens tend to be the focus of the home, a place where everyone gathers for good food and good conversation. Given this fact, you want this room to look and feel its very best. If you are looking to upgrade the design of your kitchen, you want to make sure it is up-to-date with the most recent trends in the industry that bring you pleasure in your everyday life. So just what are these trends? We asked our interior designer, Michele Wipperfurth, for some insight.

1. View your kitchen as the “heart” of your home – Modern design trends have turned the kitchen from merely a functional space, to a place for the whole family to gather, cook, eat, and relax. Focus on creating a comfortable color palette and a harmonious space for everyone to enjoy.

2. Open up the space – Nobody wants to feel cramped in the kitchen. Using fewer upper cabinets opens up room for more decorative lighting, like sconces.

3. All white is out, traditional is in – Think black, iron, wood, and aged brass finishes. And vibrant color is also making a comeback if that’s something you’re into. If not, a neutral color palette is timeless and welcoming.

4. Materials matter – They always have. Use natural, raw materials instead of traditional drywall. Consider walls of brick veneer, concrete, reclaimed wood, as well as ceilings of tongue and groove, wood planks, and exposed steel beams. There is something quite industrial yet warm about the use of natural elements.

5. Value your kitchen – Investing in a design expert, natural elements, and quality finishes and appliances will not be your least expensive option. But given the time your family spends enjoying time together in the kitchen, these items are well worth the investment.

By incorporating the above advice into your next kitchen remodel, we hope that your kitchen will become the beloved room in the home it was always meant to be.

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