The Future New York City?

The Future New York City?

Newsweek recently featured an article where three well-known architecture firms were asked what two of our largest populated cities, New York and Los Angeles, would look like in 2030. The results were quite innovative. Each firm’s distinctive approach on these cities was truly revolutionary. We highlighted New York City’s transformation below.

Richard Meier & Partners went “green”with their approach. They expanded Manhattan’s waterfront parks to create more green space to help with the light, air quality, congestion and noise that plagues the city today.

Cooper, Robertson & Partners used “dormant waterfront areas and underutilized rail yards” to create the next trendy New York neighborhoods. Providing mixed-use spaces where New Yorkers can live, work and play, New York 2030 looks like the place to be.

Hok’s version of New York 2030 is the most futuristic. I love the monorail looking modes of transportation. “Buildings will be topped by micro wind turbines, and be clad in self cleaning skins with embedded solar power technology.”

Which version would you like to live in?

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