The Blade Building in Seoul Pierces the Sky

The Blade Building in Seoul Pierces the Sky

A skyscraper in Seoul will soon pierce the sky and push the design envelope. This amazing building is expected to have a diamond shape with faceted glass that will ripple across the surface. In addition, the sharpest edges of the Blade building are also expected to be at the north-east and south-east corners.

Veritcal Arts

While shops will be occupying the lower levels of the Blade, offices will be occupying the remainder of the building. The ceilings are expected to be high by creating voids in the floors. Reaching 300 meters in height, the Blade will also contain reflective qualities as well as hold the ability to reflect light from surrounding buildings:

“In the way of a sheath, the skin of the tower is clad with glass, reflecting light and its environment, thus releasing a luminous halo which envelopes the silhouette of the tower. This vibration of the building’s skin appears and disappears according to the viewing angle, creating a living architecture, transforming itself with the movements of the sun and the changes of light.”

We love the Blade building for the edgy, yet luminous look it will bring to the table. If you are interested in using the Blade building as inspiration for your own architecture needs in Steamboat Springs, contact Vertical Arts today.

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