Sustainable Skyscraper in London Changes the Game

Sustainable Skyscraper in London Changes the Game

It's no secret how popular the idea of sustainable building has become recently. However, a new skyscraper in London is changing the game when it comes to sustainable design. Nicknamed “The Razor,” this building is 42 stories tall and has wind turbines at the top, which will be able to produce enough power to generate 8 percent of the building's energy needs. Vertical Arts The skyscraper's sustainable efforts is a reflection of the UK's new requirement, which is all new building be zero carbon by the year 2019. The building is also being praised for the other steps it is taking to be sustainable and environmentally friendly:

“According to The Guardian, each of the building’s 19KW turbines will have 5 blades rather than 3, which will reduce noise during operation. Meanwhile a five-ton base outfitted with vibration dampers will keep the building securely anchored to the earth. The skyscraper will also boast other green building strategies such as the exclusive use of natural ventilation, high-performance glazing, and other energy efficiency measures that will keep the building’s power use 6% below current building requirements.”

We love hearing about innovative buildings that also make an effort to incorporate sustainable design. If you are looking to draw inspiration from this London skyscraper for your own architecture needs in Steamboat Springs, contact Vertical Arts today.

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