Student Housing Building Draws on Baskets for Inspiration

Student Housing Building Draws on Baskets for Inspiration

We love the idea of taking everyday items and turning them into wonderful projects, which is why we enjoyed learning about the new student housing building in Paris. If you have been thinking about starting on your architecture needs in Steamboat Springs, take a look at this recent project for a little inspiration.

Vertical Arts

Designed to resemble wooden baskets, this student housing building will add interest and and uniqueness to Paris. This project will have 10 floors, with each ‘basket’ containing a cluster of rooms as well as private balconies. In addition,each bedroom will be the same size and same layout.

The building will be separated into two parts, but will be connected by a bridge with a garden in the middle. The main goal behind this new building is to provide students with a healthy area for learning, meeting and studying. Energy efficiency is also taken into consideration with this building. The goal is to focus on good insulation and ventilation in order to keep the building green.

We love this new building and think it’s a great way to combine form and function into one.  If you are feeling inspired for your own project, Vertical Arts can help. Contact us today for more information regarding all things architecture in Steamboat Springs.

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