Steamboat Today explores a municipal project

Steamboat Today explores a municipal project

Vertical Arts Architecture is a company of insightful designers. These designers give personal attention to Vertical Arts Architecture clients which enables them to create buildings with a depth. Form & function are combined in ways which sustain beauty and purpose.

According to a Mountain Living business profile, “Vertical Arts has a proven track record deigning community, resort, residential, commercial, and mixed-use projects.” If you have seen any of these constructions or operated within their bounds, you have learned of Vertical Arts Architecture’s ability to capture innovation in a sustainable structure.

Last year, Steamboat Today posted an article highlighting the proposed bus shelters of Steamboat Springs.

Steamboat Today 062310 bus shelter Vertical Arts Architecture

February 2011, Steamboat Today posted a follow-up article with a picture of the actual structure header. Nine sturdy shelters are installed on both sides of Lincoln Ave in downtown Steamboat Springs.

Steamboat Today 020911 bus shelter Main Crop Vertical Arts Architecture

Visit the Vertical Arts Architecture website to view other lasting structural impressions.

Vertical Arts Architecture Project

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