Spring Showers Bring Water Catchment Powers

Spring Showers Bring Water Catchment Powers

The deluge of spring rain and weather is hitting most of the country now. This rain provides a vital resource that most buildings have no way of harvesting. Rainwater catchment systems are a great way to not only reduce your impact on the land, but to reduce watering costs throughout the year. The lightly filtered water coming off your roof is perfect for watering landscape throughout the drier summer months.

In order to properly size your catchment you must first look up your county’s regulations on how much water you are legally allowed to hold on your property. Once you determine how much you are allowed to retain, you must then figure out what roof has the best area to capture the water. There are online calculators that allow you to figure out how much you will collect on one roof by using the average rainfall per year. This will help you size your cistern.

We like this site to help you choose the right size: Harvesting Rainwater

Once your figure out the size of the vessel, the rest is fun! A rainwater collection system will not only help offset your needs, but it can be beautiful as well. Use the guttering systems and vessel as a way to add visual interest to your home that will change and excite as the weather gets dreary. Once those spring showers put a damper on your day, but soon they could be putting money in your pocket. Check out some of our favorite examples below.

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