Some of the World's Ugliest Buildings

Some of the World's Ugliest Buildings

Sometimes you look at something and wonder “What was that person thinking?” Travel & Leisure has compiled a list of the world’s ugliest buildings that will leave you wondering that exact question. Take a look at some of our favorite ugly buildings from across the world…

Secret Intelligence Service (SIS) Building, London

The ugly truth behind this building is that British architect Terry Farrell had to deal with excessive government requests, such as adding moats, while designing the SIS building. Those eyesores supposedly exist for safety reasons.

Harold Washington Library, Chicago

This library, which opened in 1991, was designed by the firm Hammond, Beeby and Babka. It has a helter-skelter application of motifs and styles locked in the postmodern era.

Longaberger Home Office, Newark, OH

Founder Dave Longaberger wanted the headquarters of his company to be a replica of his favorite basket. It’s a 9,000-ton copy of a woven-wood basket made of stucco-over-steel.

The UFO House, Sanjhih, Taiwan

Information on these peculiar homes is rather spotty, as developers left them vacant for years. Reports claim the businessman who built the resort wanted it to look like a landing pad for Martians and other alien life. The Taiwanese government, however, has plans to tear them down.

The Experience Music Project, Seattle

While we agree that a building dedicated to rock music shouldn’t be all that conservative, we aren’t quite sure how to describe the Experience Music Project and visitors aren’t too sure, either. Some have described it as open-heart surgery. Architect Frank Gehry said the inspirations for his creation included smashed guitars and metal materials.

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