Richard Neutra, An Architectural Pioneer

Richard Neutra, An Architectural Pioneer

There are many different genres and styles of architecture, and though Vertical Arts does not fall into the same category as Richard Neutra, we still respect his work and efforts in the field of architecture.

interior and exterior of a richard neutra home

Neutra graced the cover of TIME Magazine in 1949, after he had been designing modernist homes for two decades. The architect enjoyed a clean, crisp curb appeal to his designs, showing the beauty of simplicity.

Though his aesthetic differed greatly from that of Vertical Art, his goals did not differ all that much from ours. Neutra and Vertical Arts both work(ed) to create beauty in a building rather than just focusing on construction, and pulled from inspiration in nature to complete designs. Architectural Digest compared Neutra’s designs to a seashell, while Vertical Arts work pulls inspiration from the mountains, wood, and stone.

Vertical Arts works to create artistic spaces that pull inspiration from nature, while ensuring that each space has an ease of functionality that make it beautiful and practical. If you’re interested in our designs, please contact us today.

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