Proposed Medical Building at Columbia University Acts the Part

Proposed Medical Building at Columbia University Acts the Part

The newly proposed building for Columbia University’s Medical Center could do more than simply house the medical education center. This skyscraper looks as though part of the skin has been peeled away, exposing a sort of skeleton frame. This unique and contemporary approach to the building could be quite the addition to the northern Manhattan skyline.

Vertical Arts

Reaching 14 stories, the proposed building would be built in northern Manhattan at the existing medical campus of Columbia University. It would house facilities for physicians, surgeons, nurses, dentists and doctors in training. In addition to simply housing facilities for those involved with the medical program at Columbia University, this building would also allow students to recreate real-life medical situations with proposed stimulation rooms.

Learning spaces in the hallways would also be included in this new building that would allow students to study in groups within the hallways. Views of the Hudson River paired with the learning spaces as well as the stimulation rooms all make up the idea behind this building to encourage new forms of learning among the faculty and students. The building would be completed sometime in 2016.

This unique skyscraper pushes the envelope when it comes to contemporary architecture and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for it. Learn more about all things architecture by contacting Vertical Arts for more information on architecture in Steamboat Springs.

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