Product Focus: Cor-ten Weathering Steel

Product Focus: Cor-ten Weathering Steel

Designing for harsh climates, like the Colorado Rockies means giving special attention to the materials used.

As architects and designers, we refuse to sacrifice inspired design or top-notch functionality in any custom home or business.

A product meeting both those demands is weathering steel or Cor-ten as it is commonly called. Used predominantly on exteriors, Cor-ten forms a natural rust-like patina over time, as exposed to the elements. The exact look of the skin varies based upon time, location, and weather. It does not require painting or finishing, and the beautiful patina coating forms a barrier to corrosion. Another benefit of weathering steel is that the coating regenerates continuously as exposed to the weather. Technical data is available here.

We've used Cor-ten in the past and are exploring using it again on a current design, maybe even with perforations. What a great product!

For all your mountain or city architecture needs, zip us an email! We would love to come up with a timeless and functional design for your home or business.

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