Perfect Your Patio with these 4 Design Tips

Perfect Your Patio with these 4 Design Tips

With summer’s warm embrace right around the corner, at Vertical Arts, we’re extremely excited for patio season. As the weather gets warmer, so does the interest in designing a beautiful, yet functional outdoor space for all of your BBQs, holiday gatherings and fun summer get-togethers.

How can you ensure your patio is ready for summer? The rest of this blog post will detail four ways you can not only make your patio a reflection of your personal tastes and needs but the go-to spot for summer parties.

Consider the Weather

Nothing is worse than planning an outdoor event then having Mother Nature arrive to ruin the good time. Utilize weatherproof fabrics, cushions, rugs and lamps that are designed to not only be left out in the rain but that also will not fade in bright sunlight. Coverage from the elements is a must — think about integrating both covered and non-covered spaces into your outdoor design to provide areas during inclement weather.

Integrate with the landscape

Patio space that ends abruptly can feel out of place with the landscape and natural environment that surrounds it. Use materials that gradually transition — and reinforce a connection — between the two spaces. Soften the edges of your patio and add some color with a border of flowering annual, perennials and shrubs. Think about how private you want your space to be and incorporate taller, wider plants or plant some trees.

Light up the night

From ensuring safety along walking paths to offering ambience as natural light fades, lighting should be an integral part of any patio design. Stringing lights across your outdoor space will illuminate a dark space or add ambiance to your outdoor living room. Think about energy-efficiency and use low-voltage bulbs or solar products to brighten up your patio.

Use a Mixture of Colors + Materials

Subtle changes in color and materials used can supply visual interest and create a unique patio that fits perfectly into any landscape. From brilliant paints to stunning accessories and vibrant plants, add a punch of color and mixed materials to your outdoor space. Contrasting materials are often employed to solve problems or create dramatic effects, and the combinations can be as simple as brick and concrete laid in sand or wood neatly edging a gravel walkway.

From site integration to natural ecology, water and access to the space, Vertical Arts creates extensions of your project by integrating the surrounding natural environment and creating outdoor spaces that you will enjoy. When creating your perfect patio, be sure to consider the weather, the natural environment surrounding your outdoor space, lighting, colors and materials. Through respectful planning and site development, we explore the elements that are important to you and how your vision can be combined with the unique qualities of your project to deliver the patio of your dreams.

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