Our Steamboat Highland Project

Our Steamboat Highland Project

It is important for us here at Vertical Arts to create an environment for a client that is truly a reflection of their ideas. We are proud to live and work in Steamboat, Colorado and nothing gives us greater pleasure than designing a space that the whole community can enjoy. As is the case with our proposed Steamboat Highland project.

“As an international  development group, we work with architects throughout the US, Latin America and the Caribbean. The experiecne collaborating with Vertical Arts has been among the very best. Too often in large project design the working dynamic becomes adversarial with the artistic vision of the designer clashing with the development goals of the client. Not so with Vertical Arts. They actively request ideas, input and innovation from our group every step of the way. In return they interpret our requests and inspire us with their creations.”

Steamboat Highlands started with an idea. The vision that Vertical Arts defined made our idea a reality.”

-Zach Beime, Steamboat Highlands

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