One World Trade Center Continues to Develop

One World Trade Center Continues to Develop

Two years away from it’s expected completion date, One World Trade Center continues to progress. This spectacular project has been through several redesigns since the first plan came out in 2003. However, now this building is finally coming together and we are loving what it is shaping up to be.

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One World Trade Center is not only going to be a sleek-looking building, but an extremely safe one as well. According to Architectural Digest, this building will be an advancement in safety, technology and sustainability. Built with a concrete core and concrete walls, One World Trade Center is designed with the ability to withstand high winds and even earthquakes.

In addition to being an extremely safe structure, it is also very sustainable. Many of the materials being used on the building are recycled and more than three-quarters of the waste produced from the construction will be able to be recycled as well. The building is also being designed to have rain-collecting tanks that will help to cool the structure as well as reduce the overall water consumption of the structure.

One World Trade Center continues to look better and better as time goes on and we can’t wait to see the final product.  If you are feeling inspired  for your own project, Vertical Arts can help. Contact us today for more information regarding all things architecture in Steamboat Springs.

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