New PwC Headquarters Makes a Splash in London

New PwC Headquarters Makes a Splash in London

PricewaterhouseCoopers Headquarters London

The new Price Waterhouse Coopers headquarters in London was recently featured in a Buzz-Worthy Buildings article on Architectural Digest. The article highlights 15 recently completed projects that are leading the way in modern architecture and design.

The PwC headquarters project used steel and glass for the construction along with environmentally-conscious features to create a workplace that leaves you mesmerized. A heating system that uses recycled cooking oil, green roof, and terrace gardens are all unique green touches that help elevate the building design over many others.

Inside you will find a polygonal yet circular plaza with walkways, balconies, and more all lit by circular skylights at the top of the ten-story structure. The zig-zag glass design makes it hard to not notice this stunning piece of work on London’s River Thames.

Speaking of influential architecture and design, our Busan Lotte Tower project in Busan, South Korea will be one of the ten tallest buildings in the world once it is completed in 2013. As a small architecture firm in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, Vertical Arts is excited to bring our unique perspective and design to this project that is sure to garner attention all over the world.

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