New Bus Shelters in Steamboat Springs Receive Award

New Bus Shelters in Steamboat Springs Receive Award

The new bus shelters in downtown Steamboat Springs, which were designed by Vertical Arts, recently received an award to honor them as the winners of Downtown Colorado Inc.'s Best Public Space Project. This is outstanding news and we couldn't wait to share all the details with you. Vertical Arts Downtown Colorado Inc., which is a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to building better downtown communities in the state of Colorado, created the Governor's Awards for Downtown Excellence event. This event recognizes projects that help to better local Colorado communities. According to Downtown Colorado Inc., the projects go through a thorough judging process in order to be up for an award:

  • Impact: Achieves maximum impact on a downtown or neighborhood commercial district revitalization effort.

  • Innovation: Offers an innovative or unique approach to a downtown or neighborhood business district development or management challenge.

  • Complements Local Assets: Reinforces and capitalizes on the unique assets of the local community.

  • Replication: Projects that represent an idea, process or solution that may be replicated in other communities are especially desirable.

  • Use of Local Resources: Demonstrates efficient use of local resources, including people power, partnerships and funding.

Vertical Arts played a major role in the design of the nine bus shelters. These shelters are intended to reflect the historic architecture seen in Northwestern Colorado while also displaying individual themes. The award will be presented on Thursday, September 13th, at the Governor's Awards for Downtown Excellence Gala. We are so excited to see such positive feedback in regards to these bus shelters and would like to thank all those involved. If you are feeling inspired by these new shelters for your own project, Vertical Arts can help. Contact us today for more information regarding all things architecture in Steamboat Springs.

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