Mountain Lodge Achieves Sustainability

Mountain Lodge Achieves Sustainability

The cover story of Mountain Living magazine’s Green Issue recounts the transformation of Rivers Bend Lodge along the Yellowstone River in Montana into a sustainable retreat.

The eco-friendly renovation, undertaken by a couple with local roots and a passion for the lodge’s beautiful setting, includes a number of sustainable features such as:

  • passive cooling and heating
  • natural ventilation, large windows, and wide awnings for shade
  • energy-efficient subfloor electrical heating
  • LED lighting
  • ultra-efficient appliances
  • nontoxic paint.
  • reclaimed wood flooring and timbers
  • greenhouse to grow food locally

And that’s just the beginning. The owners hope to make the lodge completely self-sufficient, including generating their own electricity and hydrogen to power fuel cell vehicles as well as producing all their own food. Ultimately, the lodge satisfies the need to enjoy and preserve nature and making sure it is just as enjoyable and beautiful for generations to come.

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