Mountain Home Fireplaces

Mountain Home Fireplaces

A fireplace is an important design element in any home, but for those of us living in Colorado it becomes so much more. It is the perfect place to go and relax after you’ve come back from a long day out on the ski slopes. Sitting by the fire with a good book is also a great way to spend a cold wet day. For most mountain homes the fireplace takes center stage. Take a look at some of our residential spaces and see how commanding a fireplace can be.

This stone fireplace works as a wall to separate these two interior spaces. Now both the kitchen and the sitting room can enjoy the warmth of a fire.

In this instance the fireplace is visible from the dining room.

This massive fireplace is reminiscent to what was used during medieval times. It can provide much heat to a larger space.

We love the beauty of this room. It is the perfect place to spend an afternoon reading a book by the fire.

We hope you were inspired by our designs. For more information on Vertical Arts you can visit our site at

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