Mixed-Use Development Expected To Grow in 2011

Mixed-Use Development Expected To Grow in 2011

As residential design trends focus on “simplicity, resourcefulness, health, community, and practicality,” according to an article in Builder magazine, multi-use development is expected to grow in 2011. Once confined mostly to urban areas, the “village vibe” is emerging in suburbs, as designers seek to connect existing subdivisions and shopping centers, also known as infill development. Infill development is targeting areas such as empty strip malls and parking lots as well as transit stations to make smarter use of existing, yet inefficient, space. Industry experts anticipate these emerging suburban town centers will attract residents who do not want to live in the “big city” or can’t afford to.

One such mixed-use development is Glen Town Center in Glenview, Ill., which is located on the site of a former naval station and consists of “154 townhomes with two mixed-use buildings containing apartments and retail shops.” Here, residents enjoy all the amenities of a more urban city along with greater walkability.

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