It’s All About The Details

It’s All About The Details

Ever wondered what makes a home’s interior stellar? Why do some interiors stand out while others just fade from memory? Well…most professional designers agree that it really is all about the details…from the accessories to art placement….from lamp selection to pillow design. It’s the details that are paramount in producing the complete design experience.

Accessories set the tone of the room and they say so much about the people who live there. They can give a room originality, and express the owner’s unique personality. And it usually takes a design expert to excel in the details, whether it is selecting the perfect lamp to balancing the décor with an imaginative pop of color…or adding texture and intrigue to a space with throws, pillows and interesting sculptural pieces.

There are a few simple and basic rules of thumb…but, remember some of the more interesting dwellings break all the rules…often it just takes the finesse of a designer to pull a space together.

The rule of Three:

Odd numbers are always better than even when accessorizing and are psychologically more pleasing. Additionally, the use of grouping items in “three’s” in your dwelling can add appeal to your room simply by altering its spacial composition and make it more memorable and effective than using other numbers. I use three items whenever possible; usually dividing a large wall into thirds when hanging artwork. It adds balance and symmetry by using a focal point, and visually breaks up the space by building drama and a certain progression. The rule of three can alter the flow and aesthetic in your space and give your room a certain polished sophistication.

Three optical mirrors above the bed adds interest and a distinctive design focus. Also note the three pillows on the bed. Repeating this design detail is elemental in making the space feel sophisticated, yet cozy.

A group of three floral arrangements adds whimsy and interest to a barn wood table. It’s appealing

and adds character to the roughhewn surface.

The Rule of Three is seen in all aspects of our culture. When objects are grouped in 3 they are more memorable, appealing and certainly make more of a statement. Imagine what would happen to the drama in this space if there were

only 2 pendant lights…?

Article By: Linda Nielsen, who heads the interior design team at Studio Vertical Arts.

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