Is The Online Interior Magazine Replacing Its Print Counterpart?

Is The Online Interior Magazine Replacing Its Print Counterpart?

We recently read an article on Architectural Record that compares the different design magazines available only online and we couldn’t believe the surge that this market has seen in the last couple of years. With the end of Domino, which had developed a design cult-like following during its 4 years in circulation, a void was left in the interior design industry that needed to be filled. Enter the once 24-year old assistant at Domino, Michelle Adams, who has started a new craze with the online magazine she co-founded, Lonny.

Since Lonny there have been numerous other pop-ups of online shelter magazines such as the one’s Architectural Record reviews– Rue, High Gloss, Matchbook and The Nest. Even Australia has gotten into the mix with their popular magazine, Adore Home Magazine. And we must not forget Entra, the online mag created by five former Architectural Digest staffers.

What does all this online reading do for traditional print magazines like House Beautiful, Elle Decor and Architectural Digest? These publications have felt the heat and have already expanded their online presence with blogs, access to online articles and Facebook and Twitter pages. Just like how “video killed the radio star”, will online interior magazines kill print publications?

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