Intriguing Design Exposed…Literally.

Intriguing Design Exposed…Literally.

As you’ve seen in our recent blogs, we’re a fan of the apartment tours from Vogue. In a recent one, Lauren Santo Domingo saw the home of model Elettra Wiedemann and her Brit business consultant husband-to-be, James Marshall. The apartment is modern and has a fun, colorful theme throughout it’s design that is warm and inviting. While we were enjoying it as we do any other house or apartment tour, one interesting design element took us by surprise.

bedroom that sees into shower

While this may look like any other apartment bedroom, Elettra and James have a special feature in it’s design. No, it’s not the lovely stone…it’s the shower. That tiled space you see in the back corner? That is the shower. The shower is open to the bedroom, so you can easily look into the room from it, and anyone in the room can easily look into it, too. Elettra told Lauren that the apartment was that way when they bought it, and while a little odd at first, she know appreciates the fact that she watch the sun go down over the Hudson while in it.

What do you think of a shower exposed to the bedroom? Is it too much exposure, or a fun design style?

Photos credited to Vogue and Claiborne Swanson Frank.

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