Inspiration From A Well Designed Apartment

Inspiration From A Well Designed Apartment

Vertical Arts works to produce inspired, great design in each space we create or remodel. To continuously produce high-end and well designed works, you have to be inspired. Our inspiration comes from many different sources, such as other designers and nature. An article in Vogue recently caught the eye of Jennifer Helms, a member of our team at Vertical Arts. The home pictured is truly an inspirational space, and one you should definitely see.

inside of a chic modern apartment featured in Vogue

After Jennifer saw this photo she said “I love this room, you can have a cup of coffee never leave. I love this house; it’s so creative and it has conversational pieces!” Creative and conversational are definitely the words to use, as Santo Domingo has featured a fine and eclectic mixture of items into her home. The large windows remind us of the large windows that can be seen in many designs from Vertical Arts, and we love the natural wood table.

This photo is only one in a series, so be sure to check out the rest of the article from Vogue to see what else in this space has come to inspire Vertical Arts.

Photo credited to Claiborne Swanson Frank, via

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