Homeowners Are Saying Yes To Green Design

Homeowners Are Saying Yes To Green Design

It seems that homeowners are moving away from the ‘McMansions” and are more interested in building homes that are energy efficient. According to a new Yahoo! Real Estate survey homeowners are looking for “a ‘green’, energy-efficient home built with ‘sustainable’ materials that yield a lower carbon footprint. Or, more often, it is a home remodeled with energy-efficient appliances and eco-friendly home products.”

Yahoo! polled 1,545 U.S. adults in their Real Estate Home Horizons study and found that 50% of people surveyed think “green/energy efficient appliances/materials are a requirement of their dream home.” The study also found that “60% of those in the market say that green/energy-efficient appliances are amenities they’d like to have in their next home.”

So it appears that 2012 will be the year where the demand for sustainable, energy-efficient homes reigns supreme.

To read more about the study please visit realestate.yahoo.com.

If you are interested in sustainable design visit vertical-arts.com.

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