Garage Doors Indoors

Garage Doors Indoors

Ever wished a whole wall of your home could open to the outside? Garage doors can be a great way to connect the interior to the exterior inexpensively. They can add an industrial feel, or, with the use of appropriate paint colors, nicer hardware, and continuous flooring, the feel can remain sophisticated. When choosing a garage door wall, think carefully about the type of flooring you are using and how it can continue to your outside space. This will allow the seamless look that is so appealing. It is also important to consult a professional so the door is properly detailed to block out water infiltration.

Vertical Arts Vertical Arts

Interested in creating your own opening wall? Contact Vertical Arts to ensure the door is properly detailed to block out water infiltration, maximize your space, and create the landscape to bring indoors.

Photos via Houzz and Vertical Arts.

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