Focusing on the Fireplace

Focusing on the Fireplace

The fireplace is a wonderful spot for gathering around during the colder months to enjoy the company of family and friends. A well-designed fireplace can make all the difference in your Steamboat Springs home. If you have been considering different design options for your home this season, keep the fireplace in mind. We have put together a few ideas to help spark some inspiration. Take a peek:

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A corner fireplace is a fantastic way to create dimension and drama in your home. Make your fireplace stand out by placing it on a corner and using an interesting material. This will instantly attract attention to the area while also creating a warm ambiance for the season.

Vertical Arts Photo from Apartment Therapy

You can also use your fireplace to further a certain style you are aiming to create. The beautiful blue tiling around this fireplace not only creates a smooth and streamline look throughout the room, but also invokes an inviting feeling to the area.

Vertical Arts Photo from Chicago Tribune

Consider playing up the material choice around your fireplace to create a more modern style. The wood paneling around this fireplace draws the attention of the eye more towards the space around the actual fireplace. The longer fireplace also gives the space a more unique touch.

If you are feeling inspired for your own project, Vertical Arts can help. Contact us today for more information regarding all things interior design and architecture in Steamboat Springs.

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