Fashion's Influence on Architecture?

Fashion's Influence on Architecture?

“If you want to stay ahead of the trends and be ready for whatever fashion might throw your way, your best bet is to take a walk outside. Then, look up,” according to an article in the Vancouver Sun. “Fashion and architecture are just two of the many facets of design that are interconnected,” the author continues, and here are a few examples below:

Post Modernism: Haas-Haus in Vienna by Hans Hollein, 1987


“The postmodernist design collective Memphis group was known to break all the rules in the 1980s with architecture that featured bold shapes and sharp contrasts.”


“Fashion reflected the movement…with puffy sleeves, bright jewel tones, big hair, and outrageous makeup.”

Historicism, Chateau Frontenac in Quebec, by Bruce Price, 1893


Historicism refers to a style that hearkens back to the past. Quebec City’s Chateau Frontenac is reminiscent of French Baroque architecture. The Frontenac, which opened in 1893, has a ‘chateauesque” architectural style.’

robeThe robe above is inspired by an 19th-century style known as “robe a la francaise.”

What are some other examples of fashion and architecture intersecting?

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