Fashion Inspires Fabric: Implement Your Favorite Styles In Your Design

Fashion Inspires Fabric: Implement Your Favorite Styles In Your Design

Design is about creation and creativity, as well as functionality, in many different industries. In fashion, clothing must be reasonably wearable when marketed, while still meeting current trends and offering a brilliant look. Interior and architecture design is much the same; each space needs to be innovative and creative, while maintaining ultimate functionality, and for Vertical Arts, sustainability.

In the vein of our inspiration from Vogue, Jennifer Helms of Vertical Arts found this picture from Parisian Fashion Week:

Woman wearing designer clothing and hair during Parisian Fashion week.

In the photo above, the texture of the jacket is fabulous, as it adds character and depth to its design. The sleek lines of the models hair contrasts the texture of the jacket, giving the picture more interest. In the same way, you could implement this style into your interior:

Shaggy bolster pillow in a reddish pink leather chair

second picture, reddish pink leather chair with shaggy bolster pillow

This chair and shaggy bolster pillow show how you can take inspiration from above and insert it into home design. The shaggy texture of the pillow mimics  the warm, comfortable, textured look of the jacket the model is wearing in the picture, while the sleek lines of the chair, as well as its color, provide a sharp contrast to the pillow, as the model’s hair does to the jacket in the photo.

Vertical Arts works in much the same way, drawing our inspirations from other architects, nature, and creation in general (including fashion) to create the perfect space for our clients. For more information, contact us today.

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