Everyday Is America Recycles Day In Colorado!

Everyday Is America Recycles Day In Colorado!

Did you know that today marks the 14th annual America Recycles Day? America Recycles Day is a chance to bring communities across the country together to celebrate and promote recycling here in the United States. A study conducted by an independent research organization, Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), ranked Denver 5th in “Greenest Cities” in United States and Canada. That is a pretty big accomplishment considering that they were ranked based on nine environmental categories — CO2 emissions, energy, land use, buildings, transport, water, waste, air quality and environmental governance.

You might wonder why we need a day designated to make Americans aware of the benefits of recycling. For most of us living in Colorado, recycling is a way of life. But there are other communities across the nation that still need to be reminded to recycle for a healthier future.

Let’s help keep our community clean this day and every other day of the year!

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