Equine Facility Design

Throughout the history of the American West, the horse has had a major impact on all cultures, and continues to remain influential today. Though we don’t use horses to herd cattle or ride to town for provisions much anymore, contemporary society celebrates equestrian heritage through reining, roping, barrel racing, arena events, pleasure riding and other sports and pastimes – and the animals themselves are our friends and part of our families.

From the right protective enclosures and the factoring of weather patterns, to making the proper surface and fencing choices, Vertical Arts’ design experience and expertise enhances the enjoyment that we all come to understand from sharing our lives with our animals. Issues such as shadow and seasonal patterns, event specifications, water and feed storage issues, drainage concerns, covenants and impact on the environmental play into every project when creating custom facilities integrated with existing homes, ranch property, new construction or commercial buildings.

Vertical Arts’ equine architecture experience leads to stylish and functional solutions, using the natural beauty of the land to inspire stunning designs.

Services Include:

  • Equine facility design
  • Ranch and residential stables
  • Luxury horse barns
  • Custom stalls, tack rooms
  • Dressage and riding arenas
  • Pasture and fencing strategy
  • Site analysis and planning
  • Health and safety studies
  • Sustainability planning
  • Event sanctions and requirements review
  • Grading and drainage design

Horse Barns

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