Environmental Travels

Environmental Travels

At Vertical Arts, we take care with each and every project to make sure our footprints are ecologically sensitive

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and ask that you take a similar interest in the health of our planet by employing that same reverence for environmental stewardship to your travels this winter.

Here in Steamboat Springs, we are already experiencing an influx of visitors as the holidays approach and temperatures dip. Whether it’s as basic as taking advantage of the optional towel-and-sheet exchange at your hotel, or as elaborate as planning a hands-on eco-tourism preservation trip, here are some things to take into account when booking your vacation this season.

* Use smart sites like Travelgreen.com, powered by the U.S. Travel Association and American Express, or sustainabletravelinternational.org to make responsible decisions specific to your destination.

* Will your stay be carbon-neutral? High-profile resorts such as the Leading Hotels of the World allow you to book a carbon-neutral vacation in efforts to offset greenhouse-gas emissions.

* Do you offer preferential perks? Some hotel chains, like The Fairmont, reward you for your “green” habits, offering free overnight parking for fuel-efficient vehicles such as hybrids. Others extend incentives including discounted rates or comped valet parking.

How will you encourage enlightened tourism among family and friends?

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