English Design Matches Vertical Arts in Materials

English Design Matches Vertical Arts in Materials

We’ve discussed before how Vertical Arts focuses on sustainability by using natural elements in our design. By using natural materials, you’re home can be much more eco-friendly, and can look even more amazing next to the beautiful natural surroundings, like those of Steamboat Springs. As many of you watched, today Kate Middleton became Princess Catherine as she married the English Prince William at an hour long ceremony in Westminster Abbey. Billions tuned in to watch the British royalty and their chic style; to celebrate, we want to look at another form of English style; Their architecture.

English architecture is much like the work of Vertical Arts in that they use natural materials to do it. Our favorite element of English design is the wonderful stonework:

english stone

While the above structure is wonderful, our favorite place to gather stonework inspiration from the English is in their quaint little villages:

village with stonework

The cottages above all feature wonderful stone work, while keeping the environment cheerful with lush landscaping.

What is your favorite element of English architecture?

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