Eco-Friendly Bamboo House

Eco-Friendly Bamboo House

At Vertical Arts, we have a passion for energy-efficient and sustainable design, and try to use environmentally friendly methods and supplies whenever possible. This recent article on Inhabitat really caught our eye with its use of sustainable materials to create a truly stunning home.

Due to its quick growth rate, bamboo has been a star in the sustainable design world for years now, but the Integer Bamboo House is the first home to be constructed from engineered bamboo products. The house, located in China’s Yunnan Province, was created by The Oval Partnership as an experiment in bamboo construction techniques. Beautifully integrated with the hilly landscape of the Yunnan Province, this experimental home is an attempt to use bamboo in a structure that can withstand an earthquake. The entire house is built from bamboo, including the structure, doors, and furniture.

Take a look at some fabulous images of the house, below.

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All images via Inhabitat

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