Design Apps We Love

Design Apps We Love

Colorado has become host to some of the most stunning homes in the nation. Colorado builders have focused on sustainable design and assembling homes steeped in luxury. Whether working with primary residences or second homes, interior design can help elevate your home to the next level, making it a unique reflection of you. With endless choices, where do you find and keep track of ideas? How do you narrow the field of choices, or find the perfect object to build your home around from the inside out?

In today’s world it pays to be tech savvy. Builders, interior design experts, and do-it-yourselfers alike have hopped aboard the app bandwagon. Here are some of the design apps, via Casasugar, to help aid your quest to inspire and create your perfect space.

Pinterest– Pin your favorite design ideas and create your own boards to store your findings.

Instagram– Take and share pictures of design inspirations, works in progress, or completed projects.

MindNode– Collect, organize, and outline your thoughts and ideas in a helpful mind map. Great for project management.

Moodboard– Thought and idea organizer for design projects.

Evernote– The ultimate in staying on top of information you’ve collected.

Adobe Ideas– Your digital sketchbook.

What are some of your favorite design apps?

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