Define Your Home with Shades of Gray

Define Your Home with Shades of Gray

We started the conversation about gray being the new black for interiors last week, and now we want to explore some of the fun gray shades you can use in your home to get in on the trend. You see, Gray is really just a complex neutral. And when combined with pops of intense color, Gray grounds the palette into a refined and sophisticated approach, providing a balance to what could otherwise be a quirky color combination.

And best of all, Gray can be shared with any existing color palette to update and modernize a space. No need to reinvent the room, just add Gray. Consider the following: When you have a neutral scheme, adding charcoal is a dynamic way to bring contrast to the interior while maintaining the neutrality of the space. Or, if color is important to your room, adding a Gray wall or backdrop will increase the visibility of the pops of color by neutralizing the perimeter. This layering is effective because Gray recedes and fosters equilibrium when combined with bright or warm colors hues.

Jeffrey Court, an innovative tile manufacturer, introduced just this month a new collection based on the earthy Gray neutrals, aptly named Chapter 3 Stream Stone. These beautiful, yet functional tile combinations of limestone and marble reflect the elegance and urban appeal that Gray can bring to any environment.

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