Congratulations to 2011's AIA Housing Awards Winners

Congratulations to 2011's AIA Housing Awards Winners

The American Institute of Architecture’s annual Housing Awards are prestigious honors in our field. Vertical Arts wants to congratulate this year’s winners, and to show you their stellar work.

Here are photos of the winners from the single family housing category. We appreciate the modern edge that’s visible in many of their designs, and any and all efforts that each artist took towards sustainability.

The R-House, a winner of the AIA 2011 Housing Awards

The R-House in Syracuse, NY, was presented as a concept home and as an affordable and innovative space with minimal to net-zero energy usage.

100K Houses, affordable and sustainable homes

Built for first time Philadelphia buyers, these houses are affordable (set at 100K) and extremely green.

The Blair Barn House at night

We love how the light comes out and into this house through spaces in the wood. The Blair Barn House brings 19th century barns to the sustainable 21st, with modern but simple design.

combs point lake house

We love this Combs Point Residence in Ovid, NY, as it echoes the influence of the natural surroundings in the way that the modern mountain architecture of Vertical Arts does.

These four only make up half of the single family housing winners for the 2011 AIA Housing Awards. To see the rest of the amazing winners, be sure to check out AIA’s website. Which one is your favorite? Tell us your choice and why.

All photos credited to AIA.

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